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Bavarian Mountain Hound Breed Information

Bavarian Mountain Hound was originally developed in Germany and is a member of the scent hound family. They originated around the middle ages, and were used to track down wounded game. This breed was bred from Hanover hound and Bavarian hound. This breed has long, strong head. They have a broad skull with broad muzzle and strong jaws they have wide nostrils which make them excellent trackers. They have hanging ears, which is round at tips. They have wide tuck up chest. Their tail is medium in length and also slightly curved at the end. The average height and weight of a healthy Bavarian Mountain hound is 44 cm to 52 cm and 20 kg to 27 kg respectively. They have a short coat, which is thick and glossy in appearance, and harsh in texture. They coat covering the upper portion of the head is rather fine than the coat on the upper parts of the legs and abdomen, which is harsh. They are available in different shades of black and brown. This breed is generally calm and very gentle in nature. They are very affectionate and loyal towards the master and also the family. They have very strong haunting instinct, and are very swift and single minded when it is hunting a prey. They can be aggressive around unfamiliar people and other dogs, this can be avoided by proper and firm training and early socializing. They are not recommended to be left alone with children as they can get aggressive if unnecessarily provoked. They need a very firm confident and also gentle owner. They are not the best choice for inexperienced owners. They are not urban kind of dog; they are best suited in country places. They need at least a yard to run around and burn their energy. If they are confined in a small space, they might get destructive, and very noisy. Their coat must be regularly brushed and combed. They should be taken for daily walks and joggings, but they should not be left off the leash, as they tend to hunt smaller animals.

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