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Basque shepherds Breed Information

Basque Shepherd, was originally developed in Spain, and is not recognized as standard breed by any of the kennel clubs. This dog was used as herd dogs in the earlier days. They are very rare to be found outside Spain. This breed is also known as Basque sheepdog These dogs are very keen to please their master. They are very active and also energetic. They are also good swimmers. They always tends to stay near to the members of the family, or their master. They are very possessive about their space, and can be aggressive if their territory is invaded. They are very strong and has a muscular body, which is shaped rectangular. The coat covering their body is long and wavy. Their tail is also wavy. They are available in golden as well as in copper colour. They are one among the best family dogs in the world. They are very playful with all the members of the family. They remains active throughout the day. They are very protective and loyal towards the family members. They can be aggressive around unfamiliar people, this should be corrected with proper amount of socialization. They are very alert and also watchful. They are very easy to train, and obeys all the commands given to them. This breed is not suitable to live in a closed apartment, they should at least have a yard to run around and burn their energy. They can be very destructive if they are kept in small rooms. They do not have high grooming requirements. Even so, they should be regularly brushed and also combed, to maintain the glossy look of the coat. They should not be bathed frequently as it will affect the natural oils on its body. The average height of a healthy Basque shepherd is 48 cm to 65 cm and the average weight of this breed is18 kg to 31 kg. They are available in red, black and also mahogany colour. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 15 years.

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