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Austrian Pinscher Breed Information

Austrian Shepherd was developed in the Austria, as herd dogs and guard dogs. They were used in farms to guard and drive livestock. The skull of this breed is pear shaped, and they muzzle is short. Their toes are well arched. Their chests are wide and broad. They have an upper coat as well as an undercoat. The upper coat is short and hard as the undercoat. They are available in black, tan, brown, red, brindle fawn colours. Some are also available white markings on their coats. This breed, in the earlier days was used to guard farms and livestock. This breed loves to indulge themselves with activities. They are watchful alert and also fearless. They are good choice as watch dogs. They are very loud barkers. They are hard to get along with other animals and pets, and therefore they must be properly socialized from an early age. They are very good guard dogs. This dog is not a choice for inexperienced owners, they are better off with owners who have an understanding of canine dogs. They are very cm, and confident in nature. Proper training is very important for them, as they can get very stubborn and firm at times. The average height of a healthy Austrian pinscher is 37 cm to 52 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 12kg to 20 kg. They are not suitable for apartment life. They are perfect as a farm dog, or they will at least need a yard to be active. If you do not have a farm or a large yard, then this dog should be taken for regular walks. No special grooming is required for this breed, but they should be combed and brushed every day. The major health condition affecting this breed is hip dysplasia. They are also highly prone to heart diseases, which s hereditary for this breed. The average life expectancy of a healthy Austrian pinscher is about 12 year to 14 years. 34 percent of death in this breed is cased due to diseases associated with heart, and others mostly die of old age.

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