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Austrian black and tan hound Dog Breed Information

This breed as name indicates was originally developed in Austria. This breed is believed to be descended from Celtic hounds. This breed became more and more popular during the 19th century. They are very large in size and was used as hunter and also as a tracker to retrieve dead games. They were mainly used to hunt rabbits and also other small animals. This breed is available in black colour with light or dark patches on it. The coat covering their body is short, dense and also smooth. The dense coat protect this breed from getting hurt while hunting in rough areas. The tail is long and also slightly bent towards the end. They have flat and long ears which round in the ends. The average height of this breed in males is 51 cm to 56 cm, and in females it is 49 cm to 55 cm. They weigh about 34 pounds to 50 pounds. They are very good trackers with great sense of smell. They have a peculiar and pleasant voice and are also are very calm and gentle. They are not suitable in living in city. They want lot of area to run around and play, so country side is the best place for them. They are also good work dogs. They are very keen to please their owner, and so they are very easy to handle and also train. They can also be a great companion dog. They are very good runners and are athletic too. They are very playful and loves to play around with kids. They can make a perfect family, if they are taken care properly. They cannot be confined in a small space, they are every energetic and can get bored easily and then turn them destructive. Daily exercise is very important to this breed. They should be brushed and combed every day. They should be bathed once in every month. Their nails should be clipped and ears should be cleaned every day. This breed is usually very healthy. The life expectancy of this breed is estimated to be 12 years to 15 years.

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