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Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information

Despite its name, this breed was not developed in Australia, but between France and Spain in Pyreness Mountains. This was used as herding dogs in the early days. Australian shepherd is also known as Pastor Dogs. They were also used as guarding dogs and watch dogs. They are medium in size, and their ears are triangular in shape, which slightly rounded towards the end. They have medium length coat, with a wavy texture, and this help them to survive in extreme climatic conditions. Their tail is long and is usually docked short, after the birth. They have deep chest. They are available in black, tan and also in red colours. They are very playful breed and possess much child-like behaviour. They are extremely courageous and also serve as very good watch dogs. They are very happy in the company of children. They are very protective, devoted and also loyal towards their owner and family. They are very keen to please their owners and are very easy to handle and train. They might get aggressive around smaller animals but are gentle and calm when in the company of a human. They can be easily bored and when they are bored they can show very serious behaviour problems. Without proper training and socialization, this breed can be destructive. The average height among male dogs is 52 cm to 58 cm and the average weight among the male dogs are 25 kg to 30 kg. The average height and weight among the female dogs in this breed is 47 cm to 54 cm, and 41 pounds to 56 pounds respectively. This breed is not at all suitable for apartment life, as they tend to be destructive in small spaces. For their mental stability and physical stimulation, daily exercise is a must. Daily long walks and jogs are recommended for this breed. The coat of Australian shepherd needs to be brushed or combed every day and they can be bathed once in every two weeks. The major health issues affecting this breed are blindness and also deafness. They are also prone to PRA, PDA, and nasal solar dermatitis. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 15 years.

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