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Australian bulldog Dog Breed Information

Australian bulldog or the Aussie bulldog was named by Tina Green and Noel. They were particularly designed and bred to become a functional bulldog. This breed possesses great strength. The males are mostly very muscular and compact, at the same time the females have long body. They are mostly docked right after their birth. They have broad chest and is covered with short, smooth coat. Their head is square shaped with a wide muzzle. The area surrounding its nose is covered with wrinkles and folds. They have well placed teeth, with level bite. Their jaws are strong and square in shape. They are available in many shades of colour like white, apricot, mahogany red, orange, and also brindle. They are very good family dogs. They are loyal, caring and also intelligent. They love playing around with kids, and are very easy to handle. They are good swimmers and love to get drench. They are very alert and protective, hence are very good watch dogs. They are very obedient and are easy to train. They get easily attached to the family. These dogs are very energetic, and have high stamina. They should be trained by a loving and also firm leader. They can easily get stubborn and destructive, hence daily exercise is a must. The average height and weight of a healthy Australian bulldog is as follows 46 cm to 51 cm in height and 29 kg to 36 kg in weight for male, and 45 cm to 48 cm in height and 24 kg to 28 kg in weight. They are not good for apartment life. They should not be allowed to sleep in open kennels, and it is better to prepare a bed for them in the house. They should be properly exercised and should be taken out for long walks every day. Their smooth coat is very easy to groom and handle. They should be regularly brushed and combed and should be bathed once in every month. The wrinkles in their face should be cleaned daily using a clean wet cloth. They are generally a healthy breed, but even so they can be affected by skin allergies if proper care is not taken. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 15 years.

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