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American Mastiff Dog Breed Information

American mastiff was bred from crossing Anatolian Mastiff and English Mastiff. This breed has drier mouth compared to every other dog in this family. They are very large in size and are also very powerful. They have a wide head which is rectangular in shape. Their ears are round in shape. Their eyes are either amber or dark in colour. They have medium sized muzzle. Their teeth are of scissor bite. They have a powerful neck, which is also slightly bent. This breed have deep chest and which is also broad. They have large feel with arched toes. They have long tails. They are available in fawn, apricot and also in brindle. The American Mastiffs are very quiet and calm in nature. They are loyal and also loving towards their master and also family. They are very protective towards their owner but are not always aggressive. They enjoy the company with children; they act very aggressively and are fearless when children are threatened. They are very loving and understanding towards people. This breed is not recommended for inexperience dog owners. American Mastiffs are very easy to train. For an American Mastiff average height is 67-92 cm, and weight of male dogs are 161 to 202 pounds, and the weight for female dogs are 145 to 180 pounds. If they are provided with proper exercise, they will be completely happen in an apartment. This breed tends to get lazy easily, so daily exercise is a must to keep them active at all the time. This will also help to them to get mentally and physically stimulated. Their coat is short haired; hence it is very easy to groom them. They can be either bathed or be dry shampooed, when the owner finds it necessary. They should be brushed daily and also be occasionally wiped with wet towels. Usually American Mastiffs are very healthy dogs, and there are not much report them being unhealthy, or being affected by any major health conditions, like other breeds of large dogs. The average life expectancy of a healthy American Mastiff dog is about 10 years to 12 years.

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