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American Hairless Terrier Breed Information

Derived from Rat Terrier, American Hairless Terrier is a rare breed of dog. It was first developed as a working dog. They are very intelligent and are highly energetic. They can be used as a house hold per, and also as working dog. They are very low shedders, and are very good choice as a pet for allergic people. They were developed in America in the 18th century. They have very smooth muscles, and their size varies from small to medium. The average height of a normal healthy American hairless terrier, 7 inches to 18 inches, and their weight varies from 2 kg to 13 kg. This breed is available in pink, brown, tan, black and blue colors. Most of them are plain coloured and occasionally you can see some with spots. They have long and hairless tail, which in most cases are docked after the birth. They are graceful, and very strong. They are athletic, and very swift in nature. They are very playful, and like to get indulged in games. They are very alert, and are very good watch dogs. They are not very active swimmers, so should be kept away from water. They are good hunters, as they are swift and good tracers, but as they have unprotected skin, they can get easily injured and are hence not used as hunter dogs. They are not usually good around kids, as they have strong prey drive, but if properly trained, this problem can be solved. Even though they are small dogs, they are very energetic; hence they should be regularly exercised. They can easily adjust in apartments, but daily exercise should not be compromised. They are usually affected by allergies, which are usually caused due to the absence of hair in their body. They also need protection from the harsh rays from sun, and also cold, hence sun screen lotion should be applied on the skin in regular intervals. And during the winter times they should be covered with warm blankets. The major health concern regarding this breed is skin allergies, like pimples and rashes. The life expectancy, of a normal American hairless terrier, is 14 years to 16 years.

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