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American Cocker Spaniel Breed Information

The American Cocker Spaniel is a member of Gun dog family, and was originally developed in America in the 14th century. They were bred from the English Crocker Spaniel, and is now more famous than them. They were bred for the purpose of hunting. They are also good work dogs, and are suitable in both wet and dry lands. They are very obedient breed. They are talented hunters as well as trackers. They can also serve as good watch dogs. They are medium sized dogs with round shaped head. The have broad and square muzzle. They have scissor bite teeth. Their ears are long and feathery. Their tails are usually docked after their birth. The coat covering their body is rather silky and flat with slight wavy texture. They have feathery hairs over their chest, stomach, ears and also legs. Their coat are usually solid colour with tan markings. They are very bold breed of dogs and are very active to work. They are good gun dogs as well as house pets. They are intelligent and cheerful and usually gentle and calm. They are very loyal and trustworthy towards their master. They should be well socialized from early stage, or else will become shy around strangers. They can be easily trained and can be a good housed if properly trained. They should be stimulated with physical and mental exercise or else they will become stubborn and act dominantly. They are active both indoors and outdoors, but regular exercise is compulsory. Daily long walks can be really good exercise for this breed. They often tend to tear, so there under eyes should be cleaned regularly. Their coat can be either left long, or can be clipped and trimmed. They should be shampooed once in every week in order to avoid skin infections. Major health concerns regarding American Cocker Spaniels are patellar luxation, glaucoma, and also cataracts. They are also affected by ectropion, allergies and also liver based diseases. They are also prone to IMHA; Immune Meditated Haemolytic Anaemia. The average life span of a healthy American Cocker Spaniel is 13 years to 16 years.

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