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American Bulldog Breed Information

American Bulldog was originally developed in America, to serve the purpose as a sport dog in bull bating. They were also used by farmers as working dogs, guard, and also as hunter dogs, in order to hunt down bears, squirrels, racoons, and also boars. They have high stamina, and are a hardworking and intelligent breed of dog. They are best among tracking dogs, and are also good weight pullers. They have a flexible mind, and can be easily trained in to a hunter, guard dog, a companion, or a playful family dog. This breed is the member of mastiff group of dogs. They and masculine and strongly built, but are not bulky. They are compact and are very swift compared to the English breed. The male dogs, are much stockier, refined and heavily built compared to their female version. Their head is large and square shaped, with strong jaws. They have wide and deep chest indicating to their athletic skills. Hey have muscular as well as medium sized neck, and wide round eyes. Their muzzle is strong and square. Their bite can be scissors and sometimes slightly under bite. They have low set tails which are thick at the thick base, and they have flappy ears, which are sometimes preferred to be cropped. They have short and smooth coat, which comes in different colour variants like, white, tan, brindle red, and brown. This breed of dogs is well known for their braveness, loyalty, determination, and reliability. They are very watchful, and ha a natural tendency to care for children. These dogs are very keen to please its master, and are very protective of them. They should be well trained and properly socialized, if not they may behave improperly in front of people. This breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners. This breed is naturally droller. They should be trained with daily exercises and mental stimulation, or else they will be hard to handle. The main health condition affecting this breed is hip dysplasia. The average height and weight of a male dog is 56-72 cm, and 33-55kg respectively. In case of females it is 53-66 cm, and 28-49 kg respectively. The average life span of American bulldog is 16 years..

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