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Afghan Hound Breed Information

One of the oldest breed alive, Afghan hound, was actually originated in the country, Afghanistan. Its thick smooth and silky coat, makes it unique, and also easier to adapt in the stone cold mountains of Afghanistan. This breed is locally known as Sag-e Tazi. The magnificent beauty and it manageable long hair has made it one of the favourite show dogs in most of the dog clubs, but in earlier days, these dogs were mainly used for hunting purposes. But now they are no longer used for hunting, but you can still see this breed of dogs participating in lure coursing; a sport for domestic dogs, in which they chase, mechanical lure. The Afghan Hounds re bulky in nature, with about an average of 24 inches in height and 50- 60 pounds in weight. This breed possess many varieties of coat colour, and also have interesting facial hairs, which looks like a moustache, and is called, mandarins. The coat of this breed encompasses long hairs, which need special care and also regular grooming. The character of this breed is distant and also noble, but shows very pleasant expressions when they are playful. The Afghan hound shows behaviour disorders when around strange animals, especially with smaller animals. Genetically this breed is a hunting dog and hence has high range prey drive, and also can be violent when their space is invaded. This breed possesses reasonable skills, and is also a good choice as therapy dog or a companion dog. Afghan hounds are a bit difficult to train, and shows slow obedience response, but if proper and regular training is provided for this breed, it can be the most obedient dog. Their long hair makes them easily prone to allergies; hence the hair should be regularly rimmed and brushed in order to avoid allergies. Other health conditions affecting this breed are health dysplasia and cancers. This breed is highly prone to chylothorax; leakage of thoracic ducts. The average life span of Afghan hounds is 12 to 14 years. About 30 percent of death in this breed is caused due to cancer, and rest of them are due to old age, and other health condition.

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